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Wednesday, May 9, 2001
Mac Doom Legacy Updates for OS 9, X
9:11 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The official Doom Legacy site has been updated with word of a new 1.32b1 release for all of their many represented platforms. The two you're likely most intersted in would be OS 9 and OS X, both of which have been ported by programmer Calum Robinson. While he gave a sneak peak of the OS X version a while back, now it is officially available for both systems. Some improvments include support for Heretic .WADs, lighting improvments, and even 3D floors (very impressive for a 2.5D engine like Doom). Here's a clip from the site with more:

Hardware specific enhancements
  • Some work on the lighting and the coronas with a new cvar for adjusting the size
  • Improved OpenGL and Glide support
  • Fixed most of texture problems
  • Added support for 3D positional sound cards (require DirectX 6 or above)


  • Timeout detection and kick player if connection timeout
  • New menu option : create server and connect server
  • Use masterserver to detect all servers in the world
  • Fixed issues with netgame and dehacked
  • No more palette change in splitscreen


  • Added 3D-Floors
  • Added FraggleScript support
  • Added Heretic support
  • When solidecorpse is true you can smash it and turn it to giblets
  • Joystick can be used for free look using joystickfreelook cvar


  • Some limitations of the engine removed (memory usage, polypool,...)
  • New cvars added like scalestatusbar
  • Added -nodinput command line switch for people having input problem under Win32
  • Display #SECRETS and #MONSTERS on the overlay
  • ...and the usual bug fix...
  • Initial testing shows this version runs very well under OS X. The previous fullscreen issues seem to have been resolved thanks to the recent 10.0.2 update from Apple. Head over to the Doom Legacy site for some cool 3D shots of the new maps in action. And be sure to check out Macgamefiles to start downloading the files now (at under 3MB for both, they shouldn't be too big of a problem even for slower connections).

    Download Mac Doom Legacy
    Mac Doom Legacy Web Site
    Official Doom Legacy Web Site

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