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Tuesday, May 8, 2001

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Starfleet Command 2 Report
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One of the many titles we have been anticipating since the resurrected publisher MacPlay placed it on their "to be released" list is Starfleet Command 2: Empires at War, a game of strategic combat based in the Star Trek universe. However, as anyone who has visited the MacPlay "web site" will notice, the company has been quite reticent about the status or projected release dates of any of their future titles, which include the 3D RTS Sacrifice, the FPS/strategy game Giants: Citizen Kabuto and the flight sim Fighter Squadron.

We received a note from IMG reader Scott Schroeder which doesn't provide any details on the progress of the port, but it does confirm that the game is actually under development. He spotted a post on the Starfleet Command 2 forums made by a developer from Taldren, the PC developer who created the game. This short post notes that the company "handed off" the source code some time ago and that they expect it to be a "moderately difficult" port. Here is the full text of the post:

Yes we handed off the code a while back. I have not heard from them in a while.

They think it is an easy port. We think it is a moderately difficult port.


Not much to go on, we agree. However there have been repeated promises the last week or so from MacPlay staff that the lack of updates (and a web site) will be rectified soon, after some Internet access and server problems are corrected.

Other posts on the thread note that SFC2 is dependent on many Microsoft game APIs for its internal workings, such as Direct3D, DirectPlay (for networking) and DirectInput (for device support). These are not insurmountable obstacles, as games with these APIs have been ported to the Mac OS before, but they will indeed prove to be "moderately difficult" to engineer for the Mac OS port. There is a hint that Bill "Burger" Heineman, now of Mumbo Jumbo, is one of the programmers working on this port; as he has extensive experience with these APIs, Mac Trekkies should not despair. We're sure MacPlay will break the veil of silence around their projects in the near future.

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