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Tuesday, May 8, 2001
Bushfire at 1.10, 'Airburst' On The Way
9:58 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The Mac OS and OS X developers of Strange Flavour have released another update to the popular side-scroller Bushfire that takes advantage of the 10.0.2 update to OS X which fixed screen resolution and depth switching problems.They have also posted a teaser page for yet another game in the works, known only as 'Airburst.'

This new version of Bushfire switches screen depth and resolution automatically, removing one of the minor complaints about this addictive shareware title. If you have yet to try this game under any OS, we highly reccomend taking it for a spin -- those who remember Choplifter from the Apple ][ (or the arcade) will be pleasantly surprised by the gameplay and innovations of this side-scroller. While the game runs equally well under Mac OS 8.6 or 9 (with an updated CarbonLib) the game really begins to shine under OS X, running smoothly even with dozens of applications open and file activity going on in the background.

The authors have also added detailed developer notes to the web site which note both features they plan to add and their recent additions; another major update they rolled into this new version was the addition of a "Save" and "Load" option, a user-requested feature. Plans for the future of Bushfire include more sound tracks (although you can use any MP3 right now just by dropping it in the Audio folder) and joystick/gamepad support once Apple refines and publishes their HID (Human Interface Design) Library.

On a more sober note, the developer mentions that even though the price of this shareware game is amazingly reasonably (only $3 US) there have been few registrations, totalling only $150 so far. If you have enjoyed this game and want to see more like it, the staff at IMG encourages all of our readers to support the shareware concept and register all the shareware you use on a regular basis.

As for Airburst, there is no information posted about this upcoming title besides a slick-looking teaser page with a single cartoon character ostensibly named "Flux." While this isn't much to go on, considering the visual style and programming prowess this team has displayed so far we're sure Airburst will be worth waiting for. If you have yet to grab Bushfire or visit the Strange Flavour web site, follow the links below.

'Airburst' Teaser Page
Strange Flavour
Strange Flavour

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Archives  News  Bushfire at 1.10, 'Airburst' On The Way