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Tuesday, May 8, 2001
Diablo II Protest
8:55 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A site dedicated to Blizzard's huge RPG hit Diablo II has recently closed in protest of the company's new Terms of Service agreement. Verion 1.06 of Diablo II changed a few rules (it pays to read the fine print), and doesn't agree with the new system. Basically, they don't like the new clauses about being able to see and use your computer information when you sign on to their service. Here's an excerpt from their page with more:

Since Version 1.06 of Diablo II, users are forced to agree to the transmission of unspecified data from their computers. If you don't agree to that, you cannot play on anymore. In our opinion this cannot and will not be tolerated.

We even have reason to believe that already in Version 1.05 data was transferred without the user's permission and without a change in the licence agreement. We are investigating this.

Points in the Terms of service we don't agree to:

  • "[...] that Blizzard has the right to obtain certain identification information about your computer and its operating system, including the identification numbers of your hard drives, central processing unit, IP addresses, and operating systems for identification purposes"
  • "that Blizzard has the right to obtain "non-personal" data from your Internet browsing software in order to make certain demographic assumptions regarding the users of without any further notice to You"
  • They also claim the Windows Registery is being scanned (which is a sort of preferences for Windows programs). While much of this is unconfirmed, Blizzard did note in the last update they would be cracking down on cheaters much more. Since this meant largely cracking down on duplicate items, this could also be a reason for to be upset. We'll keep you updated with any new news on the issue. Though maybe it's a good idea *not* to skip past those agreements every time they appear.

    IMG News: New Diablo II 1.0.6 Patch

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