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Tuesday, May 8, 2001
Giants Interviews
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Two new interviews with PlanetMoon president Nick Bruty have been posted recently at both PlanetMoon Central and the Armchair Empire, discussing the very popular game Giants. Bruty talks about their inspiration for the characters, the controversial nudity which was ultimately pulled from the title, and how he feels now about this monster hit.

In case you're wondering what Giants is all about, imagine three distinctly different races which you will control. All have varying strengths and weaknesses which you will use to your advantage as you take on the other two races. This genre-bending game is really a shooter, though there are also some strategy (resource gathering) elements to the play as well. With completely unique stories and incredible voice acting in the cut scenes, it will make a great addition to any gamers library. Here's a clip from Bruty with what went both right and wrong with the game's development:

What went right during the development of Giants? What went wrong?

Nick Bruty:

  • What went right: Consolidating the Mecc, Reaper and Kabuto storyline was a smart move. At one time they all had their own story to tell. What a headache.

  • I think the balance between Graphics, Gameplay and Sound is very close. One doesn't heavily outweigh the other which helps to keep the illusion of a fantasy world intact.

  • Making the decision to upgrade the graphics when the Geforce was announced brought a lot of attention to us.

  • What went wrong: Starting a new game/concept without an established engine as you launch a new company. Our previous engine used for MDK was far to specific and really only designed for a software render. So we had to start everything from scratch. This wasn't something that went wrong but we should have recognized how big an impact this would make on our schedule. In those early days we didn't need half the systems that the engine ended up with (physics, advanced AI etc).

  • Giants was created in the same time scale as every other major release including Nolf, Tribes 2, Sacrifice, Half Life etc. but the perception is that Giants took 3 lifetimes to create. This is because we underestimated our deadline and showed Giants way too soon. Another lesson learned.

  • Our server died 4 weeks from the end, that was probably the most frustrating time.

  • Our Internet/email provider would continually go bust and be bought out by someone larger, who would go bust and be bought out by…..etc ..etc we had a lot of email downtime. I had to upload the final version of Giants from a rival publishers connection.

  • We had many other ups and downs, but we always felt positive and believed in what we were doing. This was always boosted at shows like E3 when we could see the publics reaction.
  • Typical is anything but what people are calling the game. The Mac version is currently underway by MacPlay and is expected out later this year. Check out IMG's preview of the game for more info.

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