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Monday, May 7, 2001
Kids Domain Update
9:52 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Kids Domain has once again updated their website with more Mac downloads geared specifically towards educating and entertaining children of all ages. New to the list:

  • World of Butterflies - This 47 page PDF contains a wealth of information and activities concerning butterfiles and moths, including how to build a proper "butterfly house" and even a butterfly garden.
  • Child Identification Kit - a short PDF that instructs parents how to take fingerprints and DNA samples of their children in case they go missing.
  • Nightmare Room Screensaver - For those familiar with the Horror for children author R.L. Stine, this screensaver is based off his work.
  • Concentrate: Animals - Based off the game Concentration, players must find and match animals based off of questions such as "This animal becomes frog as an adult."
  • Contentrate: Numbers - Like the above, but based on numbers, asking questions such as "Which is greater, 78 or 89?"
  • Pendu - Hangman in French.
  • Polytris - A variation of Tetris, with 5 main types of blocks and 29 total types of blocks, bombs, weights, and water balloons.
  • Logimots - A French version of the game Mastermind, in which players must guess a five to six letter word based on clues.

Most of these titles are free, and a few of them are shareware with minimal fees. If you have a budding Mac gamer in your own household, the above titles are well worth a look, as is the Kids Domain site in general.

Kids Domain

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