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Monday, May 7, 2001

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Myst III: Exile Hits Stores Today
8:45 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Ubi Soft has announced the release of Myst III: Exile for both Mac and PC today. The game is shipping on hybrid CDs, so if you can find a copy in stores, don't worry about which side of the store (Mac or PC) the game is stocked. The Collector's Edition is available with a number of additional goodies for about $60, while the price for the normal game has dropped to below $40 at some online retailers like Amazon and Compuexpert.

Myst III: Exile is the work of Presto Studios, who took over for the crew at Cyan who are hard at work on the mysterious 'Mudpie'. Exile continues where Riven left off, and includes many of the characters from the first two games in the series. Here's a clip from the PR with more on these familiar faces:

Continuing the strong story that made Myst and Riven so successful, Myst III unveils a new adventure in the Myst saga that begins ten years after Riven ends. Atrus and Catherine, the husband and wife characters whom players rescued in the first two games, have re-established contact with the D'ni civilization. Atrus pledges to help the D'ni rebuild their once-great civilization, which has been torn apart by prejudice and greed. Unfortunately, Atrus' plans for the D'ni go awry when a remnant from his own past resurfaces.

    The mysterious new villain, played by Academy Award nominee Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), plans to destroy all that Atrus holds dear. Also known for his voice talent as "Chucky" in the "Child's Play" movies and his work in the upcoming "Lord of the Rings" movies, Dourif has truly brought Myst III's sinister antagonist to life. He seeks revenge for the destruction of his own world -- and once he shows up in Exile, only the player will stand in his way.

The Riven Unofficial Home Page has new information for those European fans who won't see localized copies of Exile until next September. They've compiled a list of online retailers that will ship overseas (assuming you're willing to play the US English version), as well as found this group interested in helping:
A Canadian member of the Myst community named Kha'tie has created Project ELF (European Lyst Friends) to ship copies of Exile and other Myst games to fans in Europe. This is a non-profit , volunteer project that is done to help out fellow fans who can't find certain Myst games in their countries. For information, write to Kha'tie and her fellow volunteers at Project ELF at Elf2Project@hotmail.com and give your name, mailing address, and say which games you would like to purchase (realMYST, EX|LE, or EX|LE Collector's Edition). They'll send you an e-mail stating the amount you need to send and the bank account information you need to send an International Wire Transfer from your bank. You'll wire them the money and they'll mail you the game. I'll be posting more about Project ELF in a future update, but I want to assure you that Kha'tie and her Project ELF friends are trustworthy folks who are volunteering their time to help help out fans in Europe.
This is quite an undertaking, but the strength of the Myst community assures a project like this could be executed without troubles. Head over to the Riven Unofficial site for more information. Watch for IMG's review of Exile in the near future.

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