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Friday, May 4, 2001

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Elite Force Expansion Pack Preview, Gold Status
2:52 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The Adrenaline Vault has posted a preview of the upcoming expansion pack to the FPS adventure game Star Trek: Elite Force. Developed by Raven Software, Elite Force takes place in the Star Trek: Voyager universe, allowing players to interact with various crew members from the series and battle through a plethora of missions.

The expansion set aims to address some player complaints as well as add more freedom to the overall game. One complaint reviewers of the original title had was that a true ship-roaming ability was not available. To answer this, the expansion introduces a new Tour mode. This mode allows a player to freely roam aboard the Voyager and visit more than fifteen areas, including the bridge, the officer quarters, the transporter room, the Hazard Team crew quarters, astrometrics and engineering. Much of this is interactive, with the player being able to chat with crew members and play with the ship's controls while roaming around. Players will also be able to find bonus items, hidden mini-games, and perform tasks such as shutting down the warp core or initiaiting a self-destruct sequence.

The Tour mode also includes two new devices - the ubiquitous Tricorder and a new Proton Gun. The Tricorder can be used to pick up miscellaneous info about characters and objects. It's secondary fire allows it to become a motion detector of sorts. The Proton Gun fires a beam very similar to the railgun of Quake fame.

Why the need for a weapon and a motion detector in a seemingly-peaceful Tour mode? They're needed for use in the two new single-player levels that can be found in the Holodeck. One of the levels is straight out of a holo-novel, where the player becomes Captain Proton and must battle the nefarious forces of Dr. Chaotica. The second mission is an assault on a Klingon compound. There are also two different target-shooting ranges available for those who wish to sharpen their marksmanship.

Included for multiplayer play are seven new holomatch maps, nine new CTF maps, five player-made maps, and twelve new character modes. Two new gameplay modes that have been added are Assimilation and Specialization. In Assimilation mode, it's the Borg vs. everyone else as the Borg roam around and attempt to assimilate everyone. The Specialties mode should be similar to Team Fortress players, as it assigns specific roles and stats depending on which profile a player chooses. For example:

Munro as Infiltrator: Fast and can jump high; has phaser and transporter device; cannot wear armor. Jurot as Medic: Starts with phaser and medical equipment to heal others; has decent armor and regeneration. Biessman with powerful weapons: Starts with Quantum Burst and Tetrion Disruptor; is somewhat slower than other classes; has full armor. Telsia as Sniper: Starts with I-mod and compression gun; can use the zoom feature; has low armor. Chang as Demolitionist: Starts with scavenger gun, grenade launcher and DETPACK; has half armor. Chell as Technician: Starts with phaser, arc welder and portable force field; can drop an ammo station and cause someone to be invisible; has half armor.
There are three new rule variations as well: Action Hero, Disintegrator, and Elimination. In Action Hero, a player will start out with full weapons and health regeneration. Whoever frags the Hero will earn five frags and the right to be the Action Hero. In Disintegrator, each player starts with the compression gun and can vaporize their opponents with a hit. Elimination is a variant of last man standing.

The above preview is of the PC version. There is, as of yet, no Mac version announced, but the possibility is very strong. We'll keep readers posted of any new developments.

In related news, PC site GoneGold is stating that the PC version of this expansion is now "gold master" and should ship by the end of the month.

The Adrenaline Vault - Elite Force Expansion Pack Preview
Aspyr Media
Aspyr Media
Raven Software
Westlake Interactive
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

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