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Thursday, May 3, 2001
Apple Low-Key at E3?
4:29 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

We've known for some time that Apple would be sending representatives to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (coming up May 16-19th) but the actual manner of their presence there was in question. Now the E3 map of exhibitors has been updated, and Apple's booth in Petree Hall is clearly marked. Room 4021 is little more than a closet-sized meeting room in an underpopulated part of the overall show.

What is still unknown is Apple's role at the show -- will they have actual hardware and software to demonstrate (perhaps the OS X version of Maya, a pro-level 3D modeling and animation package) or are they there to observe the games themselves? A note posted on Stomped yesterday casts Apple's presence at the expo in a mysterious light -- it turns out that their little room in Petree hall is invitation only, and gaming press are not among those invited.

While that is sure to fuel some speculation, it may actually be a good thing -- it may indicate that Apple is there to actually meet with game developers and publishers. Apple has long been criticized in the past for not taking a more active role in bringing games to the platform; Microsoft not only publishes games for Windows but now actually purchases entire game development companies outright and puts them to work on Windows and X-Box only titles. While we don't think Apple would go nearly that far, they may be trying to tip the balance towards our platform so that some of the A-list titles coming out for the PC also make it to their new showpiece, Mac OS X.

All speculation, of course. But IMG will have four staff members at the Expo to scour the floor(s) for news, and we will bring you any signs we can uncover of Apple's activities at the expo. The fact that their booth is located right next to THQ, the publisher of two major games coming to the Mac OS (Summoner and Red Faction) should be fuel enough for the fires. Check out the maps of the E3 show floor for an advance preview, and thanks to Stomped for the heads-up.

Electronic Entertainment Expo
Map of E3 Floor, Concourse and Petree Halls

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