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Thursday, May 3, 2001
Pillars of Garendall Preview
12:08 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Although MacNN shut down their gaming site games.macnn.com some time ago, they continue to integrate some elements of games content in their everyday news. One leftover from the previous site is a preview of Pillars of Garendall, the first game to be developed with Beenox's Coldstone Engine, a graphics engine and tool set for developing realtime RPGs. PoG is both a demonstration of this engine's capabilities and a full-length RPG adventure, viewed through a 3/4 perspective.

While the screen shots reveal plenty of 3D-rendered eye candy, it is the depth and flexibility allowed by the engine that sets this game apart. A realtime combat engine is mixed with more traditional RPG elements such as scripted conversations with multiple threads, deep character development and complex NPC behavior. Although the preview does tend to wax prosaic about such elements as "exciting cracks, fissures and pebbles" in the sidewalks, overall an impression of great depth and attention to detail is created.

The game also reveals the full power of the Coldstone engine, which will become an exciting tools set for anyone who has wanted to develop a game but saw learning abstract languages as C++ as an obstacle. Here's an excerpt:

Perhaps the most interesting idea to come from Pillars of Garendall is the ability to play a commercial quality game and realize that this kind of quality is now within the reach of the average computer user with an interest in creating their own RPG. The process of creating an RPG with Coldstone is that of designing a map, characters, buildings, quests, dialogue and rules via accessible libraries, templates and wizard programs built into Coldstone. With time, patience and an eye for detail, an interested novice can assemble a final product with all the features of commercial RPG games. Coldstone authors can then either retain full control of their products or allow any gaps in their games to eventually be filled in by plug-ins that will undoubtedly be offered by the Coldstone community.
Make sure you click through to the preview for more details and some very nice screen shots. Pillars of Garendall will be published by Ambrosia Software, and the game is currently in late Beta status.

Pillars of Garendell Progress Page
Ambrosia Software
Pillars of Garendell Preview at MacNN
Ambrosia Software
Pillars of Garendall

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