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Thursday, May 3, 2001

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PC Rune, Expansion Patched to 1.07
11:00 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The Human Head web site dedicated to the third-person hack 'n slash title Rune has been updated with a patch for the PC version of the game, as well as a corresponding patch for the PC version. Mark Adams of Westlake Interactive has confirmed that they will be receiving the 1.07 code update soon, and plan to incorporate the changes into the expansion pack (Rune: Halls of Valhalla, currently being ported) and a patch for the solo version in the future. This patch includes some quite major changes and fixes numerous bugs in gameplay, and will address many of the weaknesses that reviewers and players have spotted while playing the game.

Many of the "cheat" bugs have now been addressed, good news for those who play this title online. More importantly many inconsistencies in weapon and shield behavior (such as the total inability to block a thrown weapon) have also been fixed, further balancing gameplay in both solo and online play. And finally several visual bugs have been addressed, such as the one in which transparent fog became opaque at a distance, resulting in terrible "clipping" problems underwater and in large outdoor areas. Here is a shortened list of changes:


- Occasional server crash bug fixed

- TrialPit slowdown bug

- Loki2 script bug in zombie transform pit

- Don't hurt teammates when you land on them

- DarkDwarf didn't attack players using spirit powerup

- Taunt only once bug

- Swapping magic shield bug

- Avalanche shouldn't kill teammates

- Infinite spirit powerup cheat fixed

- Fixed some problems with severing limbs on certain models

- TownRagnar and ShipWreckRagnar now start with full health. New models to use while playing!

- Draw weapons while going underwater bug

- Infinite bloodlust after suiciding fixed

- Timeout/connection problem messages when starting up the game


- New player model: Jun

- Shields block thrown weapons

- Attacking blocks thrown weapons

- Defend faster

- ZTarget disabled in multiplayer

- Transparency w/fog

- Proper SarkRagnar (non-cheat)

- New system for importing models (using SubstituteMesh)
As you can see there are some quite major changes to gameplay, such as faster defending (many have complained that use of the shield was far too slow and delayed your next attack too much) and better support for mods and model packs. We've contacted Westlake Interactive of course, and we'll let you know their thoughts on the matter later today.

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