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Thursday, May 3, 2001

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BioWare Discusses Baldur's Gate II Creation
9:52 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Gamasutra, a website geared towards the art and science of making games, has recently posted an in-depth write-up by Dr. Ray Muzyka, joint CEO of BioWare, on the creation process of one of their more recent titles, Baldur's Gate II. The main challenge to them was to build a game, based off the success of Baldur's Gate, that would be a worthy sequel and improve upon the original in every way.

The exposition is quite detailed, with the creation team starting with a features list complied from player input as well as team input. Muzkya notes that one of the things his team did not do was prioritize the list of features, which proved detrimental later.

Muzkya also writes about how his team broke down the design process into various pieces, including: Basic Design Rules, Story Design, Environment Design, Game Systems Design, and Writing Design. He provides a list of rules and details they used for each category, which should be of use to anyone thinking about specializing in any of the above aspects of game design.

Muzkya goes on to document his team's morale during the project, the way communication was handled between the various teams, including the artists and the programmers, and discusses beta testing and post support. He ends it all with a list of what was done well and what was not.

Muzkya's article is long but relevant, and anyone even remotely interested in game design (particularly if you're looking to be employed in the industry) should use the provided link below to read it. He covers, in detail, his team's journey into the creation of a game that had to top a game that had already captured numerous awards and accolades, and it is well worth a look.

Gamasutra - Baldur's Gate II: The Anatomy of a Sequel
Baldur's Gate II
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Archives  News  BioWare Discusses Baldur's Gate II Creation