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Thursday, May 3, 2001

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Diablo Movies; Expansion Pics, Preview
9:14 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Blizzard has released two television commercials from late last year promoting Diablo II. Interested fans of the game can now download them (at under 15MB each), though you'll need to the Mac Bink player in order to view the files. The first you may have seen, though the second movie is a live-action commercial which never aired. It's a rather humorous look at the game, so check it out if you have the bandwidth.

While these movies are interesting, Blizzard is also trying to keep pushing their big release for this summer, the Lord of Destruction add-on pack for Diablo II. New screen shots of the expansion are available at the official web site, and a new preview/interview with Bill Roper has been posted at PC.IGN. They cover all the basics of the game like the two new character classes and extra act. Here's an excerpt with Roper talking about the new environments and monsters:

"There are 6 new quests spread across a new act that takes place in the Barbarian Highlands. Snow capped mountains, fortresses, barricaded villages and ice caves will bring new challenges to even the most experienced player. We really took the opportunity in the expansion to make the world more active, dropping characters tight into the middle of a big war. From your first steps into the battlefield you are assaulted by catapult fire and fight side by side with Barbarians NPCs trying to defend their stronghold." Plus the addtition of 16 new monster types that are, "very interesting and challenging, doing some things that players are not going to expect."
Check out the rest of their preview for a nice overview of the expansion. Blizzard is hoping to have the PC release out this summer, with the Mac version following shortly after.

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Archives  News  Diablo Movies; Expansion Pics, Preview