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Wednesday, May 2, 2001
Cro-Mag Rally Carbon Updated for OS X 10.0.2
10:49 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software has released both a patch and an updated demo for the kart-style racing game Cro-Mag Rally which should improve Mac OS X compatibility. This new version is Carbonized to run natively under OS X, and includes the following improvements (and limitations):

Now that OS X has shipped, we wanted to get you a version of Cro-Mag Rally which works on OS X as soon as possible. This version is very *beta* which means that not everything is working the way it should, but for the most part, the game runs on OS X and is playable, however **THIS UPDATE REQUIRES THE OS X 10.0.2 UPDATE** This Carbonized version of Cro-Mag Rally will run perfectly on OS 9 as well.
Here are the known issues with 2.0b3 running on the initial release of OS X:

1) There is no networking support in the game when running on OS X

2) You cannot reconfigure the controls, nor can you use any other input devices since the game does not support OS X's HID Manager yet. This means that there will be no way to play multi-player split-screen since a secondary input device is needed for that.

3) Due to a minor bug in the version of OpenGL that shipped with OS X, the menu screens, the terrain, and a few other objects in the game will have visible seams giving it a "tiled" look.

4) With the OS X update #2 installed, this version of Cro-Mag Rally will use Draw Sprocket to set the screen. However, you may see 640x480 as your only screen resolution choice in the game's Setup dialog because there are still some problems with one of OS X's Display Manager functions.

All of these problems will be addressed in the final version of Cro-Mag Rally 2.0 which we are continuing to work on. The final version of Cro-Mag Rally for OS X should be identical to the OS 9 version. We do not have an official release date for the final 2.0 as of yet.

So, if you have just updated your copy of OS X to 10.0.2, make sure you grab this Cro-Mag Rally update as well. Be sure and report your experiences with the patch in our OS X forums -- your input is useful for other gamers who may be tinkering with or trying to decide whether to purchase OS X for their gaming rig.

Pangea Software
Cro-Mag Rally Demo 2.0.3b (40 MB)
Cro-Mag Rally Update (for full version) (295k)

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