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Wednesday, May 2, 2001
OS X 10.0.2 Update More Than Just CD-R
8:52 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The new 10.0.2 update for Mac OS X includes an extra surprise for gamers: it now includes DrawSprocket support, which will allow both Classic and Carbon games much better control of screen "depth" and resolution switching. While the games will still have to be updated to take advantage of this, early results look good.

Alongside yesterday's amazing iBook announcement, Apple also released an update to OS X which brings the system up to version 10.0.2 and adds preliminary support for many internal and external CD-RW drives. A new version of iTunes was also made available which will allow you to burn music CDs under this advanced operating system; a carbon version of Disc Burn can't be far behind. The very quick ReadMe notes better FTP security is included, along with this seemingly innocuous line about compatibility, "This update delivers... a number of improvements for overall application stability."

While that statement may be rather vague, bits and pieces of information are starting to clear up the situation. A Tech Info Library (TIL) document explains some of what is new in this update. Here's a quick list of relevant things:

  • Improved compatibility with third-party USB and FireWire devices.
  • Classic environment refinements.
  • Enhanced optimization process.
  • Enriched recognition of display resolution choices.
  • Refined audio performance on certain computers.
  • Refined compatibility with displays that are connected to certain types of ATI display cards.

While these all sound important, a even bigger announcement comes from an Apple engineer on the company's game dev list. In his post, he notes 10.0.2 includes many improvements to DrawSprocket's handling of 2D and OpenGL. After game makers are able to play with this new version, we should most likely see many OS X games which can finally run in full-screen mod without a hitch. Here's a clip explaining more:
As of Software Update 2 (available today) DrawSprocket should be
working very well for both OpenGL and 2D graphics. The
implementation is in-sync with Carbon SDK headers for Mac OS X API
support. This should be a wonderful improvement in DrawSprocket
reliability and functionality.
This is great news for gamers anxious to move on to OS X, as many titles should now be running in full screen and with fewer bugs (once the game developers get a chance to update, that is). There also may be better compatibility with existing games that run in Classic which depend on DrawSprocket; many of these games (such as Total Annihilation) had trouble switching the screen depth and size under Classic. We haven't had time to run tests, but we will update later today with our results. Two problems that were not solved: the problem with your cursor vanishing while running Carbon apps that capture mouse input, and super-sensitive mouse response in Carbon apps (such as the OS X version of glTron).

There is also one casualty of the update: we have heard at least one report that Diablo II now no longer functions in Classic under OS X. Be sure and report your experiences with the new update in our OS X forum.

Lastly, there are rumors that 10.0.2 might contain updated NVIDIA drivers for GeForce 2 MX owners and perhaps even added rudimentary support for ATI's Rage Pro chipset. As always, we'll keep you posted when more concrete information is available. If you haven't yet updated your system under OS X, be sure to do so now to take advantage of all these new features.

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Archives  News  OS X 10.0.2 Update More Than Just CD-R