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Tuesday, May 1, 2001

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Status Check on pop-pop
9:01 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Andrew Campbell recently posted a lengthy new progress log to the official Ambrosia site for his stylized arcade game, pop-pop. This colorful take-off of the classic Arkanoid has been delayed numerous times in the past year. Campbell explains this was largely due to a tragic Diablo II addiction, as well as trying to refine pop-pop both artistically and for ease of use. pop-pop is now in its fourth major revision, and this is where Campbell sees it finishing.

He expects the game should actually be completed relatively soon, as there are only two major systems -- AI and help -- which remain to be developed. In the update, he explains the graphic changes he has recently made, as well as the user interface (UI). Here's an excerpt with more information:

another big change is the basic ui. in the begining i went with a user interface style derrived from the console gaming world - a mouseless world. i liked this. but then i went to mac world new york and saw that no one could figure out how to navigate my menu system. little children and old ladies and even geeky guys were all baffled. doh! thats yet another downside to working by yourself - you dont get to see how others see your product. so scrap that - now pop-pop has a super-simple mouse based system (though even this has temporarily confused at least one tester - oh well).

other stuff: a really nice net games lounge, a better chat system, special attacks for each pop, better paddle and ball physics, prettier graphics, 16 bit color support, it now runs in a window (in a mac friendly way so you can aim/irc/email while you wait for a game), and lots more.

Be sure to head over and read through the rest of the update for much more on the game's current status. Also check out Ambrosia's pop-pop page for screen shots and some very cool movies as well. We'll keep you posted with more info on pop-pop as it becomes available.

IMG News: pop-pop Pops Back Up
pop-pop Screen Shots and Movies
pop-pop Progress Log
Ambrosia Software

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