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Wednesday, April 25, 2001
Star Conquest Added to GameRanger Lineup
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A press release from Scott Kevill announces the addition of Star Conquest to the lineup of popular GameRanger titles. Now you can easily play Star Conquest against other Mac users in this turn-based space game. Here's more information on the game from the press release:

Star Conquest is a turn-based strategic wargame played as a single player,
multi-player or network game. Up to ten players can play in a game,
accompanied by up to ten computer controlled players. Your objective is to
guide your species in its expansion to all corners of the known Universe.

You start with two or more populated Planets and a small number of Star
Ships. Using these Star Ships you have to explore and colonise other Star
Systems. Soon you will encounter other species. Will you choose to conquer
all, or perhaps fight as part of an alliance? Each year you can decide what
strategy to follow, moving Star Ships or Fleets to attack or defend,
colonising Planets and exploring Star Systems. Once every player has issued
his or her commands, the year ends and the results are calculated. The game
continues until all players are eliminated and only a single player or
alliance remains.

Head over and download GameRanger if you haven't already tried it out. Also be sure to take a look at the Star Conquest site if you're looking for more information.

Download Star Conquest Demo
Star Conquest Web Site
GameRanger Press Release

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Archives  News  Star Conquest Added to GameRanger Lineup