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Monday, July 10, 2000

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B&W Preview, Diary
11:22 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The latest of GameSpy's Developer Diary updates for Black and White has been posted. This installment focuses on the villagers in the game, the cute little buggers you must seduce - or intimidate - into praising you, to increase your power. While the animal Titans make up a large part of the play (and it's pretty cool to see a giant cow ravaging the land, we must say), the villagers are also an important element. Creator Peter Molyneux wanted each one to be individual, so each has their own desires and needs. Here's a quote explaining more:

Peter explains the idea: "Although most people have broadly similar desires, everyone is an individual, and I wanted the characters in the game to reflect this. Not only does each person have a vast database of changing wants and needs, but when they have children, a percentage of this carries on to the next generation. So over time you'll see family traits, like laziness or physical strength, or even a genealogical bias for jobs, such as a family who have always worked as farmers through the generations.
If you are interesting in this ground-breaking god game, which won universal praise at E3, read the rest of this diary. The amount of thought that went into this game will astound you. There's even mention of a very interesting way to get yourself featured in the game...

If you're looking for more general information about the game, Daily Radar has posted a quick preview for your edification. Here's an excerpt talking about the amazing graphics:

There's a very simple demonstration that Peter Molyneux does to show the power of his B&W engine. With the camera zoomed out all the way, showing the entire game world - the view is then crash-zoomed in seconds to a worm sitting in an apple on the ground. Pete Molyneux explains, "The key to the engine's success is that it is entirely dynamic and runs independently to the game. Everything it needs, such as particular lighting or textures, will be constructed on the fly in response to the game." Once seen it is never forgotten.

Black and White is reportedly in the alpha stage now, with a PC release date of September 23 still attainable. Peter Molyneux has said many times he'd like to do a Mac version, and though no official announcement has been made yet, we are virtually certain that this will occur - in fact, it may already be in development.

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