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Tuesday, April 24, 2001
Shadowbane Updates
2:42 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Once again the official web site for the cross-platform massively-multiplayer RPG Shadowbane has been updated with new details in the form of four new screen shots and the addition of four new entries in the Bestiary listing. This title, in development by Wolfpack Studios, is currently nearing Phase Two of the closed beta test, and is expected to be compete by the end of the summer.

Shadowbane's NPCs (non-player characters) will appear as both random encounters for you and your party, and obstacles you must overcome in order to conquer or explore certain parts of the massive landscape. The list of "monsters" you may encounter in the game is a mixture of fantasy-genre classics such as Ogres and Orcs, creatures of myths and legends such as Basilisks and Genies, and some exotic entries such as the Efreets:

Cousins to the elusive Genies, the Efreet are the deadliest of the Elemental Spirits, combing the destructive power of fire with a twisted will born of tainted Spirit. Originally created and summoned by the Magi of the Deathless Empire to be servants and soldiers, the Efreet proved too belligerent and disobedient to control. The means of creating and commanding Efreet was lost along with countless other secrets of Magic and Lore, consumed by the War of the Scourge. A few Efreet still endure, roaming in deserts and volcanic wastelands, pursuing whatever diversions and distractions grab their fancy. Fickle, irritable, and malicious toward all beings born of five elements, Efreet take great amusement in tormenting other beings, and revel in lighting great fires. The Fire Lords are not nearly so numerous now as they were in Ages past. This is probably fortunate, for if they were, all of Aerynth would quickly be reduced to scorched plains and fields of ash. 
As you can see the Wolfpack team is quite dedicated to the idea of a strong, well-developed backstory underlying every element of the game.

As you may remember, several weeks ago we reported that Wolfpack had vanished from publisher Gathering of Developers' list of future projects, and the GoD mirror site of their web site and forums had also been taken down. Fan site Crossroads of Shadowbane is reporting that Shadowbane is now missing from the list of titles that Gathering of Developers intends to show at E3 next month. However, this is not as grim as it sounds -- we have been assured by Wolfpack team members on several occasions that development on this title, and specifically development on the Mac OS client, will indeed continue and be published upon completion. Our own contacts on the Wolfpack team declined to discuss the exact situation between the company and Gathering of Developers, but assured us the full story will be known in the near future. In the meantime be sure and browse the Shadowbane web site for the tremendous wealth of information they have posted so far.

Shadowbane Mac Version Assured
Crossroads of Shadowbane
Shadowbane News and Updates
Wolfpack Studios

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