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Tuesday, April 24, 2001
New Red Faction Screenshots
10:12 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

New Red Faction screen shots from Volition's upcoming title have surfaced on GameSpot's website, donated by publisher THQ. Red Faction is an FPS shooter that promises to revolutionize the tiring genre with several new twists on a now-aging genre.

One of the new screen shots shows off one of those ground breaking improvements Volition has made over previous shooters, which is known as the Geo-Mod engine. The Geo-Mod engine will allow players to deform terrain and blow holes in practically everything in the game, given a sufficiently powerful weapon and enough ammo. The screen shot shows the player facing off with several guards in front of a doorway. The walls around the doorway have been blasted, with several large gaping holes in evidence. In the background of the picture, a wall on the far end of the room can be seen, also featuring several large gaping holes.

Another screen shot shows off another feature of the game - the ability to engage in vehicular combat. The shot shows a jeep featuring both a driver and a gunner facing off with two soldiers atop a natural bridge of some kind. Several other vehicles, including hovercraft and a drilling machine of some kind (think Total Recall) will also be usable in the game, and even in multiplayer combat.

The rest of the shots show off the backgrounds, player graphics, and other miscellaneous details in this title. One shot has a zoomed-scope view of an enemy's helmet, with the face clearly visible through the faceplate. Several weapons are also shown in action, including the flamethrower and grenades. The backgrounds themselves range from indoor environments to sprawling outdoor vistas.

Be sure to check out the images at the link below for more eye-candy of Red Faction. Red Faction is currently slated for a Mac release at the end of the summer.

Red Faction Images at GameSpot
Red Faction Web Site
Red Faction

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