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Tuesday, April 24, 2001

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Can't Get Enough Tropico Info?
9:13 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Just in case you can't get enough Tropcio information and details, VoodooExtreme has posted yet another interview with Phil Steinmeyer, the CEO of PopTop. For those that may have been on long vacations without net connectivity, Tropico is an island management simulation, similar to Sim City, that gives players the choice of being anything from a benevolent and fair elected official to a ruthless dictator that stays in power with help from a large army.

As the PC version of this game has been completed and should be in stores quite soon, this interview shifts its focus towards realms other than just the game's attributes. This time around, Steinmeyer points out some of the problems he encountered during game development, as well as features he would have like to have added to the final build.

Though Steinmeyer notes that he's happy with the overall project, he adds that he would have liked to add a few more graphical tweaks and animations to the game, such as animated smoke rising from factories. He also mentions the struggle his team had to face in getting the game to run well both in software and hardware mode, as the game combines 3D terrains with large compressed sprites for buildings. He reports that the game does run nicely in software mode, so those without 3D acceleration should still be able to play the game, given that their processor power is adequate.

In terms of gaming, Steinmeyer says that the people living on the island were one of the biggest problems to implement. Getting them to move quickly and efficiently as well as having them behave "normally" was a challenge, especially considering that around 500 citizens could potentially be moving around at the same time. He notes that the code was optimized late in development so as to minimize any potential slowdown caused by the huge number of people.

Some additional gameplay details are also revealed. Tropico's economic model includes 9 different types of crops, 3 minerals, tourism, logging, and fishing among other elements. The political system includes elections, coup-de-tats, uprisings, rebels and foreign interventions -- Bay of Pigs II, anyone? Steinmeyer notes that the political system works beautifully, and will be a large factor in what separates Tropico from similar titles in the market.

Steinmeyer also makes note of the upcoming Mac port:

In the immediate future, we've got a number of things to work on - a demo, a Mac version, Asian language versions (European languages are already done).
Hopefully we'll see the Mac version of Tropico sometime in the near future. Until then, be sure to read the rest of the interview for the full set of details.

VoodooExtreme - Tropico Interview
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