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Monday, April 23, 2001

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New Fly! II Screens
9:01 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

GameSpot has posted some new screen shots of Gathering of Developers' upcoming civilian flight simulator Fly! II. In addition to having online multiplayer capabilities, Fly! II is being touted as one of the most realistic flight simulators ever, with photorealistic graphics and a full-featured control panel in each of the included aircraft models.

Some of the new screen shots show one of the new aircraft being included in Fly! II, the Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop. Though the shots aren't as clean as ones we've noted in the past, they still show off Fly! II's fantastic detail and effects. One shot shows the an aircraft soaring high above a highly-detailed landscape. Another shot shows a plane just barely off the ground, casting a shadow and showing off a detailed city in the distance. A third shot shows the ubiquitous "plane soaring as the sun peeks over the clouds" shot, which highlights the incredible cloud-rendering capabilities of the graphics engine.

This sequel also contains another new aircraft: The Bell 407 Helicopter. For those unfamiliar with aviation craft, both the PC-12 and the Bell 407 are both highly acclaimed aircraft that are noted for their ruggedness and multipurpose uses, and the helicopter will be a new thrill for those who are tired of fixed-wing aircraft.

Be sure to check GameSpot for the new shots. Fly! II recently went Gold for the PC, and we received word from GodGames a while back that Fly! II for the Mac is currently set for a middle-of-May release date.

GodGames - Fly! II
GameSpot - New Fly! II Screenshots
Terminal Reality
Fly! II
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