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Friday, April 20, 2001
CNET Reviews GeForce2 MX... for Mac
9:48 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

CNET has posted a review of Nvidia's GeForce2 MX for the Macintosh platform. It mentions the usual specs, including its availability in various Mac models, pricing and configuration.

What's probably the most interesting news to most readers will be the performance tests results. CNET pitted the GeForce 2 against ATI's Radeon (no mention of whether it's the PCI or AGP version), using a Power Mac G4 400 with 128MB as the base.

In their 2D testing, CNET basically scored both cards to be equal, using apps like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop to do the testing.

For 3D testing, Quake III was used as the medium. The results show the GeForce 2 trumping the Radeon in all three resolutions tested (800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024). The GeForce 2 scored 50.2, 49.6, and 46.1 fps respectively, while the Radeon scored 48.2, 40.4, and 39.3 respectively. For further comparison results, 3dfx's Voodoo 5 and ATI's Rage 128 Pro were also tested. The overall scores are quite low compared to most results, and few details on their testing methods were revealed.

It should also be noted that, for whatever reason, all the cards except for the Radeon were run in OS 9.1, while the Radeon was run in OS 9.0.4. The paltry 128 MB of RAM used was also most likely a factor in the low scores exhibited by all four cards tested.

For the full write-up as well as a detailed performance chart, be sure to check out CNET's review. At the very least it is a good lesson in why you should go to a Mac-first site to read reviews of a Mac product.

CNET - GeForce 2 MX for Mac Review

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