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Friday, April 20, 2001
Soldier of Fortune 2 Interview
9:16 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

VoodooExtreme has posted their results regarding an interview with Jake Simpson of Raven, developers of the upcoming FPS Soldier of Fortune 2. Though the interview is understandably a bit PC-centric, it still reveals some interesting details regarding the game's engines, story development, and new features.

The main backstory of SOF2 is that scientists from the former Communist nation Russia have developed a chemical weapon that has made its way into the world. Though this backstory is fictional, one of the more interesting notes regarding the missions for SOF2 is that they will have some basis in reality. Earlier news bits about this title indicate that this reality will include real-world missions that have actually occurred.

Besides being built off the Quake III engine, SOF2 will also be incorporating the ICARUS scripting engine from Elite Force, used for direct control of characters. For character AI, a new system named LICH is being developed by two full-time developers. The ROAM terrain system will allow SOF2 to have huge dynamically-generated environments. The GHOUL2 system, upgraded from the original GHOUL used in SOF, will allow for accurate damage modeling and animation.

A very intriguing feature being built into the game is the Dynamic Mission Generator. Using this generator, a player can input specific parameters and have it generate a random mission, complete with its own map, terrain, and objectives.

In terms of sound, EAX support is being planned. MP3 playback of speech is also planned, with the lip-synching tech from Elite Force being implemented in SOF2.

The original SOF used a system of limited saves that could be used anywhere in the game in order to increase the difficulty (eliminating the "take a few steps, save, repeat" tactic). They plan on implementing this system in SOF2 as well, though it can be specifically overridden if a player so desires.

In terms of weapons, the experimental microwave gun from the first game will not be returning. Instead of having a selection of weapons to choose from, it's currently sounding like each mission will have pre-set weapons suited to the task at hand. Heavy weapons, such as a mounted M60 in a helicopter, will also be a part of SOF2.

Multiplayer play has yet to be addressed, as the developers wish to concentrate on the single-player aspect for now. Also, the game will be significantly longer than SOF in terms of playtime, as Simpson notes that he got "smacked around" for the "perceived brevity of Elite Force."

SOF2 is currently shooting for a tentative late Q1, early Q2 release on the PC. Though no Mac version has been officially announced, this game is being built off the Quake III engine, and Raven reps have posted messages that a Mac port is a likely possibility. In the meantime, be sure to read up on the Simpson interview for more details on this upcoming title.

VoodooExtreme - SOF2 Interview

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