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Tuesday, April 17, 2001
IMG Reviews Driver
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Although this title was delayed numerous times and arrives on the Mac platform literally years after its debut on the Playstation and PC, Driver is still a noteworthy example among the incredibly few number of racing titles for the Mac OS. Part driving sim, part action game, part 70s car-chase movie maker, Driver has multiple elements for any fan of the squeal of tires on asphalt. IMG has posted a review of this title for your perusal, so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to purchase this MacSoft release. Here is an excerpt:

In Driver, you play the role of Tanner, a policeman who is given the assignment of infiltrating a criminal organization. Your mission is so clandestine that only you and the police chief know the nature of it. While undercover, you take on the tasks of transporting thieves, drug dealers, and murderers around town; stealing other cars; chasing down rival gang members; and more.

The story is revealed through a series of pre-rendered cutscenes presented in between missions. The quality of the movies is sub par, even by two-year-old Playstation standards. Admittedly, Driver's story isn't very compelling and not very cohesive. To keep things interesting, you are allowed to choose from several missions at certain points in the game. Unlike a game that truly branches out, you are forced to play some missions no matter which "branch" you select. What Driver lacks in story, though, is made up for in gameplay.

One of the benefits of Driver's apparent "age" are the low system requirements; nearly any Mac that shipped with 6 MB or more of VRAM and onboard 3D acceleration can play the game quite well. Read on for more details.

Review: Driver

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