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Tuesday, April 17, 2001
WWDC Game Sessions
2:12 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Maccentral has recently posted an article detailing sessions occuring at the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), hosted by Apple. Of course, OS X is most likely to be the primary topic of discussion, with one of the offshoots of this discussion being the development on and porting of games over to the new OS. To this end, Apple is implementing several sessions devoted to game development, listed by Maccentral as the following:

Session 109, which happens on Tuesday at 2 pm, is called "Graphics for Games." It'll focus on the high performance graphics capabilities of Mac OS X, concentrating specifically on screen control APIs and how to integrate available technology.

Session 400 kicks off the day on Wednesday. That's Apple's QuickTime Overview session, where the company will examine its foundation multimedia technology. Attendees will get a retrospective of what's been done with QuickTime this past year in Web publishing, interactive gaming and other venues, and will get a glimpse of what's to come.

Game developers should also keep 10:30 on Thursday open. That's the time for session 409. It's entitled "OpenGL: Advanced Rendering." Apple expects to give developers who attend this session a thorough understanding of OpenGL rendering techniques, vertex and texture programs and more.

Session 135, planned for 10:30 am on Friday, is called "Input for Games." That session will cover implementation details of Mac OS X's HID Manger and Carbon Events for Mac OS X. Issues like getting mouse deltas and finding devices are expected to be covered. This particular issue has been getting some play on developer mailing lists recently, so it's bound to be a lively and informative session.

Friday afternoon at 2 pm is when session 136 happens. It's called "Sound and Networking for Games." It's pretty self explanatory. The details of how to incorporate sound technologies and networking into your games will be covered.

At 5 pm on Friday, session FF120 should also be interesting. That session is the Feedback Forum on Games Technologies, where developer attendees get a chance to give Apple an earful about what they think of the technology they're supporting.

Be sure to check out Maccentral for details. The WWDC will be taking place May 21-25 of this year in San Jose, CA. For more details, be sure to visit Apple's site.

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