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Tuesday, April 17, 2001

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Warcraft III Info, Preview
9:18 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

More information has recently been posted about the third title in Blizzard's fantasy RTS series, Warcraft III. While the game is not likely to be released for the Mac until early next year, many fans of the Warcraft games can't wait for this new 3D version to appear. The fan(atical) site Warcraftiii.net has posted a new spotlight, this time looking at the human race in the game. As usual their report is a comprehensive compilation of known and inferred information about both the units and buildings. If you plan on sticking with the "standard" race once the game is out, definitely give this report the once-over. Also take a walk through the rest of the site for detailed info on the title -- more, in fact, than even the most hardcore fan may want to know at this point.

A preview of Warcraft III has been posted by StrategyPlanet. In this first look they give a decent overview of the game. Some of the topics discussed include the overall narrative, the races, the buildings and of course the heroes. Here's a clip with more on these über-characters and how they function in the game:

[Heroes are] the only unit that has an inventory, and the only one that can actually advance in levels. As they gain levels, they will automatically distribute points among their abilities (Strength, Agility, and Intelligence) and will get to choose a new special skill. At current, the level cap will be level 10, however Blizzard states that it might change over the beta testing course. When your hero dies, you have two options, one; you can “purchase” a new hero from your town, or two; you can revive your old hero. You won’t be able to name your heroes in game, but you may be able to do it in the map editor, as their names will be randomly generated during the missions. Heroes have the ability to hold up to four items, which is also subject to change, including mana stones, and weapons/items that you find or purchase from shopkeepers.
If you're looking for a nice and brief summary of the game, definitely check out the rest of the preview.

Blizzard is definitely committed to a Mac version of Warcraft III, and they expect it out a little while after the PC version late this year or early 2002. OS X compatibility is also expected, though nothing official is known at this point.

Warcraft III Preview at StrategyPlanet
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