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Monday, April 16, 2001
Oberin Updated
9:02 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Oberin, the 2D multiplayer online role-playing game available only for the Mac, has recently been updated to version 0.1.6. While this RPG is only a few months old, fans of the genre may find much to like about Oberin. The latest release weighs in at just under 16MB and includes a character creator so that anyone can get started quickly. Here are a few guidelines from the site:

New characters are created with the Oberin character creator. This application is included in the Oberin download. You must create a new character before you can log on to Oberin. Your character name must meet certain standards:

  • proper names only. no sentences or statements.
  • no titles such dr, sir, lord, lady, king, queen, prince, etc.
  • no ranks such as lieutenant, commander, captain
  • nothing that might make someone think they are an Oberin official like putting GM in the name
  • no curse words or anything crude, vulgar, offensive, etc.
  • no names that don't fit the setting such as "masta blasta", "eLiTe", "zero cool", "the dude", etc.
  • no names of animals or monsters
  • Once you've created your online counterpart with this program, you'll log in as a demo player until a Game Master can activate your account. Many of the 'veterans' will be kind enough to offer advice and help in the game, though also be sure to look through the Oberin web site for more information on the game. The play guide is especially useful, so read up if you want a head start on how to master your character.

    Oberin is free, though also still in a state of flux, so keep that in mind while playing. Skills and other features of the game are still being tweaked, and bugs are being worked out. If you haven't yet, head over to MacGameFiles now to download the latest client and give Oberin a try. If you have issues with the archive, drag it onto Stuffit Expander to decompress it correctly.

    Oberin Play Guide
    Download Oberin 0.1.6 (15.8MB)
    IMG News: Oberin: New Mac MORPG

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