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Friday, April 13, 2001
Quick Red Faction Q&A
10:03 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

VoodooExtreme spotted a forum thread in which Volition answers some interesting questions about their upcoming FPS Red Faction. This game is shaping up to be an excellent action title with great graphics, strong story, and an impressive Geo-Mod graphics engine that will allow you to blow up walls, floors, and even entire buildings. Comparisons are already being made to the classic Half-Life in terms of depth and storyline, but we're confident Volition will raise the bar much futher. Here's the quick four-question post with answers from Volition's Mike Breault:

1) Will the Ultor Gards hold there own conversations, like when they are just standing around like the scientists, grunts, and Barneys in Half-Life. And of so will they be more complex not just

"Has anyone seem my glasses"


Yes and yes. If you listen to them, you'll often get hints/foreshadowing of things to come.

2) With the Geo-Mod will vehicles be Geo-modable
i.e if there is a APC driving down a road will i be able to fire a rocket at it and see the explosion tare a hole in the armor and then have a huge fireball rush out the hole and through the inside of the APC and then out the main hatch, and then willthe burning people jump out (forget about the burning people bit) because is other games they would just explode with pieces goin everywhere

No. Objects blow up when hit with a powerful enough geo-mod weapon. When you hit a wall with a geo-mod projectile, the code does a real-time calculation that takes into account the weapon used, your angle and distance to the wall, the hardness of the material, and other considerations to determine what the hole is going to look like. The objects in the game, however, are all individually created by artists and animators. To tear a chunk out of an object would currently require that a different model be instantaneously swapped in. How many models of an APC, for example, would the artists have to create to cover all the possible variations of weapon type, angle, distance, etc. to represent every attack a player could make on the APC with a geo-mod weapon? Multiply that by hundreds of different objects in the game, and you'll see why objects aren't currently geo-moddable.

3) Will bullets ricorshay

i.e can i fire my handgun into an APC and have they bullets bounce around the cabben hopfully but likley killing the inhabitence

Bullets will ricochet off walls, pipes, etc.

4) Will your suit be like the Half-Life HEV suit will you have to keep it charged up with some sort of power

You don't have to charge your suit, but you don't want it to reach zero integrity (zero armor rating) if you're outside.

Those were pretty good answers, for questions that seem to have been typed by a drunken chimpanzee. Red Faction will be released for for the Playstation 2 this summer, with Mac and PC versions (which will include Internet multiplayer support) due later in the fall. GraphSim is expected to published the Mac port, which will be completed by Volition in-house, much as Summoner is being ported right now.

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