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Thursday, April 12, 2001

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Warcraft III Creatures Featured
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While this news isn't exactly "poppin' fresh," we found these reports by to be so detailed and informative that we thought they were worth sharing. Keenly focused as always on the object of their obsession -- which is of course Blizzard's Next Big Thing, Warcraft III -- the crew at WC3net has produced two detailed "spotlight" reports on the Orcs and Night Elves, two of the four 'races' of creatures you will be able to either play as or fight against in this RTS/RPG hybrid. Summing up all of the information leaked so far and filling in the gaps with some informed speculation, they produce detailed lists and images of the Heroes (as well as their known weapons and spells) and the 'grunts' they lead, as well as updated reports on the structures and buildings known so far.

The information on the Night Elves is particularly interesting, as they are shaping up to be quite different from the pseudo-Tolkien variants that are rehashed by most RPGs. We can tell just by reading through the unit characteristics that the Elves will be big favorites for both solo and netplay.

While these reports are indeed compiled from some guesswork and are probably subject to radical change in the 6 to 8 months before this game ships, they provide a glimpse into the depth and breadth of this Blizzard title. The multipage reports should be fascinating reading for any of you that had your curiosity piqued by IMG's hands-on preview of this title published last week.

Preview: Warcraft III
Night Elves Units Index at WarcraftIII.Net
Orc Units Index at WarcraftIII.Net
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