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Thursday, April 12, 2001

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Mac Deus Ex Adds Tips, Clans, Chat
8:40 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Mac Deus Ex, one of the many great IMG Network sites, has been updated recently with news of some major additions. This excellent resource for Mac fans of the action/RPG Deus Ex is getting even better with new areas of content. Included in these changes are project pages covering attempts to port the UnrealEd and Deus Ex SDK, clan pages for teams formed around the multiplayer experience of this game, and user-generated tips. Here's an excerpt from the site with a rundown on each:

  • Projects - There are a lot of things that can be done in the Deus Ex community, things that can be done a lot easier if people work together. Such things like "Porting the SDK to the Macintosh" and "Creating a Deus Ex computer theme" are hard, almost impossible tasks. But with the Projects section they can now become a reality, by signing up several different people who are skilled at a certain thing, tasks can be better managed and quickly accomplished. If your interested in helping with a certain project, or are interested in starting one of your own, be sure to check this feature out.

  • Clans - Interested in getting your own clan hosted on MacDeusEx? This is a new feature, I don't know if it will work out. Does your clan already have a website? I'll be starting a listing of all clans (both Mac *and* PC) for Deus Ex, be sure to submit all your info, and if you know of a clan that isn't listed also send it in! :)

  • User Tips/Tricks/Hints - Something a little different than a forum, submit your cool information and it will get added to the list. Instead of the forum, where your messages gradually fade away, this area will be maintained an easy to access archive, where many people can see cool things to do in Deus Ex. Be sure to submit all types of things, if yours is very good, it might just get posted to the main page!

  • Chat Room - You might of noticed the Chat link at the top of the page has disappeared. It is now located within the Users page, because a chat room is expressly made for the users. Stop by the room for casual chat, technical support, gaming help, or, when a meeting is going on, for a meeting! Yes, the chat room is host to all sorts of Project meetings. If you know of any good JavaIRC applets, you might want to send their information to, so a Java chat client can be released.

Head over to Mac Deus Ex for the rest of the info and to check out these new areas. Also be sure to sign up for a project if you're interested or contribute some strategies/hints for others to learn from.

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• Mac Deus Ex Adds Tips, Clans, Chat8:40 AM
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