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Wednesday, April 11, 2001

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New Screenshots of Tropico
9:51 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

VoodooExtreme has posted some new screenshots of Tropico, PopTop's upcoming island nation management sim. The shots themselves reveal some interesting details regarding this highly-anticpated title.

In terms of eye-candy alone, this game definitely delivers. Even from a zoomed-out overhead persepctive, detail is highly evident on structures. Columns, various vegetation, and even the thought balloons of individual citizens are clearly visible even from a high bird's-eye-view. Zoom in closer, and cracked walls, rusty roofs, and hanging laundry come into focus.

Stats for each individual citizen are looking quite detailed as well. In one shot, the stats for Nassau, a laborer, are given. The screen lists his age, household size, household meals, hunger level, rest level, and his religion, healthcare, and entertainment needs.

Structure management also appears to be very detailed. The usual stats are present, such as income intake, quality of life and the like. Finer details, such as the dress code for a Cabaret (noted as "casual" in one of the screenshots) are also present. A powerplant screenshot shows "coal" as the fuel type being used.

VoodooExtreme promises to post a preview of Tropico later today. For now, be sure to check out the screenshots. The Mac version is currently set for a release "soon after the PC version," which ships at the end of this month.

Tropico - Official Site
VoodooExtreme - New Tropico Screenshots
PopTop Software
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