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Tuesday, April 10, 2001

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Westlake on Deus Ex Soundblaster vs Multiplayer
9:58 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

New owners of the Soundblaster Live! cards should now be enjoying their special EAX-enhanced version of Deus Ex. This excellent "thinking man's FPS" is made even better by the improvements in sound, which allow you to pinpoint those footsteps coming towards you even more accurately than before.

One oddity that some users may find is that this version of the game is labeled 1.0.2, which also happens to be the version of the recently released multiplayer patch for the normal game. The Soundblaster version doesn't ship with multiplayer capabilities, and though this can be patched with the multiplayer upgrade, you will lose the EAX enhancments. We asked Westlake Interactive's Mark Adams for some clarification on the subject:

The EAX version of DX bundled with the cards is earlier than the MP version.
Installing the patch over the EAX version will lose EAX features. I'll be
doing a MP EAX patch at some point as well probably, once we hear if any
other bugs crop up with SB Live users.
So upgrading with the multiplayer patch isn't recommended unless you don't mind losing EAX (which was the whole idea behind buying the card in the first place). Soundblaster players should instead play through the singleplayer mode, which should keep you plenty busy for the time being. This will give Westlake time to release an updated patch that will allow both multiplayer and the EAX capabilities of the game.

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Archives  News  Westlake on Deus Ex Soundblaster vs Multiplayer