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Monday, April 9, 2001
SMS+ Updated for OS X
1:56 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Richard Bannister, creator of a number of excellent Mac emulators and utilities, wrote us recently about a new update for SMS+. This emulator plays both Sega Master System and Game Gear titles and is now fully Carbonized for OS X. Unfortunately, this 0.9.4 version also excludes 68k users, so any of those folks need to either upgrade to PowerPC machines or stick with the previous build. The update also includes a new cheat database, so be sure to check it out. Here are the full details on what has changed:

  • SMS Plus is now Carbonized for MacOS X. Note that this program will no
    longer run on 68K Macs. If you still have one of these, the time has come to
  • Added a comprehensive Cheat Database along with a Cheat Finder so you can
    add your own cheats easily.
  • Changed the video output to 16-bit for increased colour accuracy.
  • Added my new blitter library to SMS Plus, giving a choice of over 50
    different video blitters across five different sizes. Compared to the
    previous release (which supported Plain and Interlaced modes only) this
    should be quite an improvement.
  • Updated Charles MacDonald's web page and e-mail address links.
  • Added shortcuts for Turbo (T) and for toggling Full Screen (Esc). These
    are configurable in the Keyboard dialog.
  • Added Window Proxy Icons.
  • Fixed a few other minor interface glitches.
  • Head to Macgamefiles to make the quick download now.

    SMS+ Web Site
    Download SMS+ v0.9.4 (800k)

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