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Friday, July 7, 2000

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Tropico Preview
9:55 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameSpot UK has recently taken a look at PopTop's upcoming sim-game Tropico, coming to the Mac and PC via Gathering of Developers. In case you're wondering, Tropico will be a sim in which you play a dictator of a third-world tropical island (one known for its famous cigars, perhaps.) This new spin on the political sim genre should provide for some interesting experiences indeed. Here's a clip from the preview:

PopTop, which enjoyed success previously with Railroad Tycoon 2, is using an upgraded version of that game's engine for Tropico. You have more than 100 structures with which to create your banana republic - and I mean that quite literally, as some of these are banana groves - including mines to exploit the island, and hotels and spas to exploit the tourists. You'll be able to zoom right in to see how detailed these individual structures are and it's clear a great deal of work has gone into the graphics.
Have a look at the preview if you're interested in this slightly-warped take on island living. IMG encountered Tropico at E3 last May, so if you want more details and screen shots you should find that report edifying. Tropico should be out early next year from the new champions of Mac gaming, Gathering of Developers.

Gathering of Developers
Review of Railroad Tycoon II
IMG's E3 Coverage of Tropico
GameSpot UK Tropico Preview
PopTop Software
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