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Friday, July 7, 2000

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German F.A.K.K. 2 Preview
3:05 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

A preview of Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, Ritual's upcoming third-person action game, has been posted on the Germna affiliate of GameSpot. This long preview covers many of the features Ritual has added to the game to enhance the gameplay; traditionally action gamers are skeptical that the third-person point of view will allow a serious action experience, but Ritual seems to have gone out of their way to make this game intense.

Make sure to check out the 15 new screen shots; they reveal that Ritual has made some serious progress with shadows, weapon effects and generally pushing the Quake 3 Arena engine to amazing new levels of eye candy. If you don't speak German, we can't help you there, but the images alone are worth the trip. Contraband Entertainment is working on the Mac OS port of F.A.K.K. 2, which will be published by Gathering of Developers. There will most likely be a playable version of this game on display at Macworld New York later this month.

Ritual web site
Contraband Entertainment
GameSpot's FAKK2 preview
Gathering of Developers
Ritual Entertainment
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2

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