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Wednesday, April 4, 2001

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Myst III: Exile Survey/Contest
12:12 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Riven Unofficial Home Page has new word of a survey from Ubi Soft in which you can enter to win a copy of the Myst III: Exile Collector's Edition. Five copies of this $59 game will be given away to survey entries selected at random. Since the title has changed publishers quite a few times in recent history, it looks like Ubi Soft is looking to gauge just how popular the series will continue to be. Myst fans will definitely want to fill it out as a show of support. As a little reminder, here's what the Collector's Edition will contain in addition to the normal game:

  • The official Prima Myst III: Exile Strategy Guide
  • The Making of Myst III: Exile CD, a 22 minute video looking behind the scenes of the game
  • A special Squee toy, allowing you to decorate your home or office with Exile's most lovable character
  • The Myst III: Exile Soundtrack CD

Both the normal game and the Collector's Edition will be released to the general public in May 7. Get your preorders in now to ensure your copy will arive on time.

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Riven Unofficial Home Page
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Myst III: Exile
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