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Wednesday, April 4, 2001

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IGN PC Previews Red Faction
10:05 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

PC IGN recently got to check out Volition's upcoming FPS Red Faction, a game that is said
to redefine the FPS genre as we know it. Though the version they preview is the PS2 version, the gameplay details are still pertinent,
as this title will also be released for Mac and PC later in the year.

The main focus of the preview is on what is probably Red Faction's most innovative aspect: it's Geometric Modification
engine (Geo-Mod for short), which "enables realtime 3D environment deformation." In other words, if you can shoot it,
you can mess it up.

Though this may initially sound like more like a destructive perk than an actual feature, the applications
that are possible with this engine open up a whole new world of gameplay. For example, walls are no longer the impassible
barriers they used to be. In Red Faction, if an enemy's hiding behind a wall, a player can riddle the wall with bullet holes,
hoping to hit the target behind it. Or, more simply, they could just blow the wall apart with a well-placed rocket, exposing the enemy behind
it for an easy frag.

Puzzle solving has also been expanded due to the new engine. In one demonstration, the player had to
change the path of a lava flow in order to bypass it. This was achieved by blocking the flow and rechanneling
it to create a pathway.

Tired of having to retrace your steps over and over to navigate through a maze-like series of corridors? Know the hall you want is beneath you,
but don't feel like running 2 miles to reach the next set of stairs? Blow a hole in the floor and drop through. Knock a few walls down
and go on your merry way. The Geo-Mod engine will allow for all of this, making for some truly open-ended area navigation.

Weapons and vehicles will also be augmented by the capabilites of the Geo-Mod. One of the weapons, the rocket launcher, will have an HUD
that allows a player to see enemies through walls, allowing them to frag them without ever seeing them. Other weapons, such as the railgun, will be
able to shoot through several surfaces. Vehicles can be used to plow through walls. One of the vehicles, referred to as the driller, seems
to be designed specifically with this ability in mind.

Speaking of vehicles, Red Faction is offering several to pilot. They include the already-mentioned driller,
a minisub, a flying fighter, an Armored Personnel Carrier, and a jeep. The vehicles are reportedly easy to
enter and exit, and respond and handle accordingly to their designed capabilities. Each one can be used for combat purposes, meaning
battles from air-to-air to ground-to-person are possible.

For more details on what looks to be a groundbreaking game, be
sure to check out IGN PC's full preview for the rest of the story.

IGN PC - Red Faction Preview
Red Faction

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