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Wednesday, April 4, 2001

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New Fly! II Screen Shots
10:02 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

FlightXPress, a German website, has recently posted exclusive screenshots of
GodGames' upcoming flight sim Fly! II. Fly! II touts itself to be a
"technologically-advanced general aviation simulation" that features control so realistic
a good pilot will be able to navigate solely via the instrument control panel.

The new screenshots themselves show off some of the amazing graphical detail that Fly! II contains.
The planes boast full decals, details, and light-sourcing. The ground, even from several miles up,
is also extremely detailed, with one of the shots showing contoured farmland with amazing accuracy.
Even the clouds and the ocean look real.

The clincher for these new screenshots, though, has got to be the helicopter. It is just as highly detailed as any
model in the game, demonstrated by one of the shots that shows a detailed control
panel and cockpit viewable through the cockpit windows. Besides that, well, it's a helicopter, so you just have to
love it.

There's currently a rumor that the Mac version of Fly! II may not make the late April release date
originally scheduled. IMG is currently looking into this, and will be sure to let readers know when details
have been confirmed. In the meantime, be sure to visit FlightXPress and see the new screenshots.

FlightXPress - Fly! II Screenshots
GodGames - Fly! II Info Page
Terminal Reality
Fly! II
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