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Friday, March 30, 2001

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WWII Online Interview
5:29 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new interview with Cornered Rat Software, makers of the upcoming massively multiplayer online war sim World War II Online, has been posted at Games.MacNN. They have talked with the Mac programmer Russell Mirabelli, as well as Chris Sherland and Rodny Hodge, about many aspects of this large title due out simultaneously for Mac and PC.

World War II Online will be an enourmous battlefield where you will go online to participate in nearly every feature of this historic war. Players can choose to be foot soldiers, pilots, tank controllers, or even truck drivers. The Q&A covers all of the basics about the game, including this clip about trying to get the players to organize within the game:

MacNN: Is there any safeguard or incentives for players to choose different roles, or do you just expect the community to balance this out themselves?

Mo: Well, kind of both. We've set the ground-taking thing to be exclusively a first-person shooter experience. You can't move the front line unless you use troops. So, we've reserved that for those guys and we've given that power to troops. In other words, without troops you really can't get anything done. You can slow down the supply flow of your enemy, bomb their stuff and give them a hard time, but you won't actually be able to move forward. Beyond that, we are also trusting in the community to get together and figure out how to play this game. In the manual and in the online tutorials that we'll have available through player services, we'll teach you how to use the guns and how to post missions and how to use the application itself. But we're really doing this so that the players can make that happen themselves.

Head over to MacNN to check out the rest of the interview. World War II Online is currently in a closed beta and the team is hoping to have the full version out later this year. The final Mac system requirements aren't yet known, but the team notes they will be "hefty." Be sure to have a look through the official web site for more info.

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World War II Online

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