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Friday, March 30, 2001

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New Marathon Archive Opens
3:20 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Evihcra has opened a new file archive dedicated to Bungie's classic FPS, Marathon. Even at its advanced age, new maps and modifications are continually added to expand this extremely popular series. Called the Lh'owon Ar'kives, the site will have Evihcra's other features as well. Here is more of an explanation from their press release:

The Lh'owon Ar'kives is more than just another archive, it is a fully
interactive, highly organized, and customizable online database COMMUNITY
where you can present your own hard work to the world as well as submit
reviews of the work of others. This is the perfect place to get feedback on
your Marathon creations. You have FULL PERSONAL CONTROL over your own
gaming files. Submit them when you want, removing or replacing them as YOUR
need arises. This site is designed to be very creator friendly. We are
gaming authors ourselves, we built our "dream machine" for the love of
gaming and now we want to let you in on it too.

In addition to the standard forum elements we provide:

  • Private Messaging
  • Online Polls posted by moderators
  • Find out who's online in the network and where.
  • Seamless integration into your account.
  • Email reminders when people respond to your postings.
  • Forums available to creation groups (that qualify).
  • Full text string searches for ease of locating information.
  • Identification of recent threads and posts since your last log in.
  • Head over to the Evihcra Marathon site now and have a look around. They have files nicely divided by category (Aleph One, Infinity, etc) for your browsing pleasure.

    Evihcra: Lh'owon Ar'kives

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