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Friday, March 30, 2001

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The Story of Tropico's Music Roots
12:53 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

GameSpy has added another article to their ever-burgeoning list of Tropico news bites.
The latest one centers around the island management sim's musical score and how it came to be.
Written from the viewpoint of a harried PopTop employee, it provides a humorous look into what genre
of music was decided upon, and the subsequent search for finding a music group that actually played it.

To break it down into the raw details, the style of music originally decided on for Tropico's soundtrack
was Bachata. Here's a quote from the book Bachata: A Social History of a Dominican Popular Music by Deborah Hernandez:

Tracing its roots to the country's poorest areas and documenting its initial rejection by the media, mainstream musicians, and middle and upper
class Dominicans, the author presents a history of this now-popular musical form. Five decades of musical, social, economic, and political
change are analyzed through issues of class, gender, politics and migration and their impact on bachata and the Dominican music industry.
The search for PopTop was actually quite difficult, as it's hard to find any real concrete info on Bachata via the net, with most of the search engines
turning up nothing but albums. However, they were able to get in touch with Latin Music Specialists, and though they were not able to get what they had originally envisioned,
the music they found was to their liking.

Anyone looking for more Tropico news or just a good laugh should check out the article, as its humorous style is quite amusing. It also provides
a look into the single facet of game creation, and just how troublesome it can be. And if nothing else, it has more screenshots of Tropico for readers to drool over.

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GameSpy - The Sound of Musica
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