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Friday, March 30, 2001
Mac Summoner Progress Report
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Ever since this 3D RPG went "gold" for PC we have been anticipating the Mac version of this title, which is being ported in-house by developer Volition. This complex, console-style RPG has undergone a revolution in interface and features during its transition from the PlayStation 2 console to the Mac and PC platforms, and now includes co-op network play and high-resolution textures as well as support for various monitor resolutions.

As the game is now based on OpenGL and a Mac OS version was in the plans from the beginning, the port is moving along quickly. Here is an update from lead programmer Mark Allender:

Basically, it boils down to tweaking the sound code, networking code, and
the graphics.

I'm working on the final networking details right now-- basically hooking in
support for THQMultiplay.net. Once that is done, I'll be moving on to
tweaking the GL pipeline and polishing off Macintosh-specific bugs.

If all goes well this project should be complete in the next few weeks, and then it will be handed off to GraphSim for publishing. For more details on Summoner, take a trip through our news search engine to check out past articles; there are plenty to choose from. The official Summoner web site has more images and details as well.

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