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Thursday, March 29, 2001
Marathon: Resurrection Updates
1:52 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Damien Sorresso dropped us a note to remind fans of Bungie's classic FPS Marathon that the Marathon: Resurrection project is still alive and kicking. This attempt to re-create the Marathon experience within the Unreal Tournament engine has been slow to progress, but seems to be making headway. The U:R site itself now features a Flash intro that should be quite a nostalgia trip for Marathon fans. In addition Damien passed along the following update:

The site’s been stagnant for 5 months, and now we’re back. So, yes, the flash intro IS the new part. We’ve made excellent progress. We have a kick-ass new HUD, have nearly all the weapons modeled and textured, have acquired an animator, a new webmaster, made leaps and bounds in terms of Unreal Script coding, and have been distributing playable builds for the past 4 months to each member of the team. Marathon: Resurrection is very fun, specifically the M.75 Assault Rifle...heheheh.
Hopefully they will have enough of this total conversion complete for a public beta test soon, as we are eager to see it in action. Visit the web site and the M:R forums for more details and discussion.

Marathon: Resurrection

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