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Thursday, March 29, 2001
Majesty Expansion Units Previewed
10:45 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Majesty-Dragon has posted a detailed preview of the Majesty Northern Expansion add-on. They look at the new monsters, buildings, and other additions to the game, giving a short description and screen shot of each. Though there are no plans for a Mac OS port of this expansion, both MacPlay and Cyberlore have hinted that this is a possibility. Fans of the original Majesty will definitely want to head over and have a look through the many changes made in the expansion. Here are a couple excerpts about some the differences in the build tree and multiplayer freestyle modes:

The editor can be used to allow, disallow, or limit by type the number of specific buildings that players have access to in freestyle or multiplayer games. This is a powerful tool that can conform multi-player play to different players’ styles. For example, you could limit each player to only three Wizards Towers, no second level Wizards Guilds, and disallow Elves, Trading Posts and Temples of Agrela. These settings can be saved and then accessed when starting a freestyle game.

There are sixty new freestyle patterns. These include player patterns showcasing the new buildings, such as ones where you only have an Outpost - making your hold on the land much more tenuous. The new monster patterns take advantage of all the new opponents in the land.

Head over for the rest of the information on what will be new in the add-on. While there is no official announcement about a Mac version of the title, we're hopeful MacPlay and Cyberlore will put something together soon.

IMG News: Majesty Released for PC, Mac Hopes Alive
Majesty Web Site
Majesty Northern Expansion Preview at Majesty-Dragon

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