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Wednesday, March 28, 2001
Vortex NG Status Update
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

We received word from Feline Entertainment's Rocco Bowling that he has returned from the recent Independent Games Festival with many great new ideas for his upcoming shareware title Vortex Next Generation. The game is a 3D take-off of the classic 80's arcade game, Araknoid. Here are a few items in the works for the game:

  • Vortex NG natively supports Macally's new iShock II Force Feedback

  • GameRanger support is a
    definite now instead of a maybe.

  • Due to lack of funds and lack of finding a publisher, there will
    not be a WWW High Scores database...

  • When Vortex NG is released, it will be OS X compatible.

  • Vortex NG will also be multi-threaded, hence it will take
    advantage of dual processor G4s.

    In regards to a time frame, I'm still aiming for a month. Of course,
    things may happen in the meantime, so it may fall back to two months.

  • Bowling says one of the biggest benefits of the conference was that he received a ton of good advice from other game makers. Here are some changes he's now working into the game because of it.
    Besides some erroneous bug fixes, the following
    was/is being done:

  • The arrow on the ball was removed and replaced with a comet-like tail.
    Many people at the expo felt the arrow portrayed the wrong message (some
    even felt it as hostile!). The tail still helps you know where it's going
    (or more precisely, where it has been), but looks a lot cooler.

  • Tweaking inputs so that the hRider is easier to control. Also adding
    support for joysticks and am currently testing with a Macally AirStick and a
    Gravis Destroyer Xtreme.

  • May add OpenAL support... may not. Depends on time restraints. Will
    probably add in future as an update.

  • Other miscellaneous adjustments...
  • If you're wondering what Vortex NG is all about, check out our recent preview of the game. And stay tuned for more info as it nears release.

    Vortex Next Generation Web Site
    IMG Preview: Vortex Next Generation

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