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Wednesday, March 28, 2001
Q3 Rocket Arena Issues
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Reports on the recent 1.5 release of the Rocket Arena modification for Quake 3 have been mixed. While some Mac users report that this gameplay modification is running well, many others have noted problems with the mod in our forums. In our initial testing of this mod before our report, we also ran across the "Update Your Version" message in the game. Correspondence with the author assured us it was simply the discrepency between RA 1.5 and servers running the old 1.4 version. Now it appears this is more of a widespread problem with the Mac version for some reason. The official web site recognizes the issue and notes they are looking into it right now. Here's a clip with the update:

  • Warping / wrong menu problems on some servers
    Servers MUST set sv_floodprotect to 0 - there is a known problem in 1.27 where it will drop commands if you set floodprotect to 1
  • Mac support not working for some users
    I'm looking into this
  • Missing menu text / fuzzy text / missing textures
    This is caused by pk3 files with bad shaders in them. You should delete any 3rd party maps/add-on pk3s from your baseq3 and arena directories. One well known problem causer is "realmra3".
  • Problems connecting / playing (UPGRADE NOW message)
    This is typically caused by connecting to 1.4 servers, although some Mac users are also getting this message.
  • Missing MP3 player / chat on menu
    These features don't work on pure servers
  • It's good to see the problem is getting attention already. We'll keep on this issue and let you know when there is a fix available. In the meantime, you might want to postpone that 90 MB download.

    IMG News: Rocket Arena 3 for Mac Released
    Rocket Arena 3 Web Site

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