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Wednesday, March 28, 2001

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Aleph One OS X Release Available
8:01 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Earlier this week we brought you word that Aleph One, the open-sourced Marathon project using OpenGL, was moving in the direction of OS X. Now the official web site notes an early carbon OS X version is available for download for those brave souls using this new operating system. As with most OS X software at this point, there are a few bugs you should be aware of. Here's an excerpt with both things left to implement and some of the known bugs:

Things to do:

  • Add NavigationLib support for FileHandler.cpp. (Or use Apple's MoreFiles.)
  • Add Network support. Port all existing Classic AppleTalk APIs to OpenTransport. Or just go for OpenPlay instead? Either way, the existing code has been cleaned up as much as possible to compile for Carbon. Enjoy.
  • Sound-file support isn't there. QuickTime needs to be plugged in instead.
  • PPostEvent usage? Why?
  • Carbon Mouse support may not work well. Fix it yourself. :)
  • Overhaul the event handling mechanism to use Carbon Events.
  • Make AlephOne build its own precompiled headers.


  • The cursor disappears way too often. There's an unbalanced InitCursor/HideCursor/ShowCursor somewhere.
  • Although MacOS 10 somewhat supports 256 color bitdepth fullscreen, it doesn't look good, so the minimum screen bitdepth is Thousands of colors.
  • There's a lot of (CGrafPtr) and (GrafPtr) casts floating around. This was done to maintain both Carbon & Classic API compatibility.
  • As always, the source is also available so any programmers out there can help out the cause. The binaries for the game only weigh in at under 2MB, so give it a try if you've got OS X up and running.

    Download Aleph One for OS X (1.9MB)
    Marathon: Aleph One Web Site
    IMG News: Marathon Aleph One Begins OS X Move

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