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Tuesday, March 27, 2001

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Aspyr Media Update on Alice
2:24 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media was nice enough to pass along some information regarding American McGee's Alice, the port underway by Brad Oliver of Westlake Interactive. It was also recently announced that a Cocoa version of the game for OS X was being worked on by famed developers OmniGroup. This should make Alice one of the first major Mac titles to ship with both native OS X and Classic (OS 8/9) support.

Oliver seems to be progressing very well with the game, and it is hoped Alice could be out sometime next month. Here's the full update from Aspyr:

Everyone has been hard at work on American McGee's Alice, for the Mac. We
are eager to bring this brilliant game to as many Mac gamers, as possible.

Brad Oliver and the Westlake Interactive team are working on the OS 9.1, and
earlier, port. They have been doing a terrific job and we are extremely
pleased to receive the first playable version of Alice.

The Omni Group has been working on the Alice, for OSX, port for Aspyr. We
are excited to be working with them and are impressed with their work on the
Quake 3 engine.

Currently, Alice is expected to be released in late April but that is
contingent on many things. Please check in with our product status page for
any changes.

This is great news for those looking forward to this visually stunning Quake3-based game.

In other Aspyr news, Escape from Monkey Island is heading to duplication and should be shipping out by the end of the week. Be sure to get your preorders in fast. Tomb Raider: Chronicles is now in full beta testing, so watch for that one next month as well.

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