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Monday, March 26, 2001

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Marathon Aleph One Begins OS X Move
12:50 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new report at the Marathon Open Source web site notes that work has already begun on converting the Aleph One project to OS X. It looks like they're going the Carbonization route for now, as rewritting the application in Cocoa would be a major undertaking and create another unnecessary branch in the code that would need support. Here's a clip from author Steven Bytnar's update:

I've got Aleph One building under CodeWarrior Pro 6, targeting Carbon. It doesn't do networking and doesn't do save/open dialogs. It does build and produce a full binary... but I'm working through some initialization bugs. I'll be releasing source code tonight so people can help debug it.

Porting to Cocoa will take significantly more work... probably 2-4 weeks for someone doing it as their fulltime job. I don't think a Cocoa port would be advantagous since that means it's one more set of code that has to be maintained. Since the MacOS Classic APIs and Carbon APIs are so similar, I'd say that it doesn't make sense to use Cocoa unless Classic & Carbon were abandoned.

Porting to Carbon was reltively easy, since I did 90% of the work in the M2Resurrection Carbon port. All in all, the work I've done so far on the Aleph One port totalled probably 11 hours. The M2Resurrection Carbon port took
probably 30 days * average 6hrs/night = 180 hours. But, that was rebuilding the original marathon 2 source from scratch (without help from Aleph One or any other Marathon 2 project), and making it work on Classic 68K, Classic PPC, Carbon CFM and Carbon Mach-O, under MPW, CodeWarrior and Project Builder..

It looks like Cranberry, a popular MML (Marathon Markup Language) editor will be moving to OS X soon as well.

In other Aleph One news, the texture enhancement project is still going strong. If you haven't heard, it is the undertaking to replace Marathon's old 256-color textures with new, higher-resolution pics. The project now has a browsable online version so you aren't required to keep re-downloading the full version each time. Check out the Aleph One page for all the latest details and downloads.

Marathon Open Source Web Site

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